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My art is the intuitive process of bringing together feelings and experiences. I create in an automatic way immersed in a process of flow.

Fragments (2021) | Oil on canvas 40×50 cm
Breaking times (2021) | Oil on canvas 122×160 cm
Emotional November (2021) | Oil on canvas 100×120 cm
Emotional November Pia Rousku Art
Små Tankar (2021) | “I plant my thoughts in the forest” – Barefoot Path 10 years anniversary (Korpo)

Touch of Wood (2021) | Oil on recycled wood

Touch of Wood (2021) | Oil on recycled wood

People on the beach (2016) | Acrylic on canvas 160×260 cm
Människor på stranden Pia Rousku Art From The Soul Korpo

Horizon (2006) | Oil on MDF board 100x50cm

Inner Landscape (2006) | Oil

Minimalistic Landscapes (2009)  | Oil

The Barn (2012) | Barefoot path (Korpo)

Glass Meadow (2012) | Glass

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