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Pia Rousku holding a glass artwork
Pia Rousku Art From The Soul
Pia Rousku Art in her studio in Korpo
Pia Rousku holding a glass artwork
Pia Rousku Art From The Soul
Pia Rousku in front of one of her works

Pia Rousku

Hello, I am Pia. I live on the island of Korpo, in the Turku south-west Archipelago in Finland. The rhythm of this small community and the proximity to the sea deeply permeate my creations.

I started my career in visual arts in 1983 in Nykarleby, Finland. Since then my art has developed in many places and atmospheres, both in hectic city life and in the quiet countryside. My art and my works are deeply connected to my life.

Please, have a look! My hope is that you will find a connection to my art.

My art

My works, produced in a wide range of materials (graphite, oil, acrylics, ink) and surfaces (wood & canvas), often take the form of abstract and dreamy images that leave space to the imagination of the person that stands in front of them. I also like to work with collages and recycled glass, using a technique called fusing.  

Pia Rousku Art surounded by her artworks

“ When I observe my surroundings, my thoughts start to work and the picture takes shape inside myself 


Österretaisvägen 53
21710 Korpo
+358 400917765

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