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I was born in Helsinki in 1963. My father was a ballet dancer at the Helsinki Opera and my mother was a nurse. For many years I dreamed about becoming a ballet dancer as my father, but eventually, I found my expression through visual arts.

In 1983, at the age of 20, I started my art studies at the Swedish Art School in Nykarleby, where I found my passion within visual arts. After school, I spent a few years working as an independent artist until I decided to continue my studies at Konstfack, the University College of Art in Sweden, focusing on Ceramics and Glass.

In those four years of artistic development, I found a special interest in the art of architecture and decided to deepen my knowledge in that field. Therefore, I took one more year of studies at the Picture and Environment department in the Konstfack art school, in collaboration with the architecture students at the Royal Technical University.

In the year 1999 we decided to move back to Finland with my whole family, establishing ourselves in the archipelago of Turku, where I am still living. Here I studied pedagogy and offered education in visual arts to children and adults.


Pia Rousku Artist in her studio

2008 my husband and I decided to start a tourist business in the family farm’s old barn. Hotel Nestor, a picturesque hotel in the heart of Österretais village was ready in 2009. Together we run this family business between 2009-2016.

In these years we were also offering art camps and running an art gallery in the hotel. Simultaneously, I had an idea about creating a sculpture path along the Archipelago trail. This environmental art exhibition became a reality together with other artists from the archipelago. Today the path is a recognized international art project called Barefoot Path. You can visit the website in

“ When I observe my surroundings, my thoughts start to work and the painting takes shape inside myself 


Pia Rousku Artist in her studio
Pia Rousku Artist in her studio

Koulutus / Skolning

1983-86     Konstskolan I Nykarleby
1989-94     Konstfackskolan I Stockholm, glas och keramik 1994-95     Konstfackskolan I Stockholm, bild och miljö

Työkokemus / Arbete

2001-2007     Bildlärare, Sarlinska Högstadiet
2004               Pedagogik studier, Åbo Akademi-Vasa
2004-              Kursledare i måleri Pargas-Nagu Mbi
2004-              Bildkonst lärare ArtDur, Nagu
2005-              Kursledare Hotskär-Korpo Mbi
2009-              Galleri Nestor, Korpo

Yksityisnäyttelyt / Separat utställningar

1995     Galleri Bellange, Stockholm, separat utställning
2002     Korpo, separat utställning
2003     Art Café, separat utställning
2003     Galleri Spectra, Kristinestad, separat utställning
2004     Galleria Raya, Åbo, separat utställning
2023     Utställning Över Vattnet, Korpo

Yhteisnäyttelyt / Samlings utställningar

1984     Nykarleby
1985     Vasa konsthall
1985     Kristinestad
1986     Kaskö
1990     Galleri Konstfack, Stockholm
1991     Korpo
1991     Kyrkorummet, vandringsutställning I Sverige
              Skaraborgs Länsmuseum
1994     Ekebyhovsslott, Stockholm
1994     Tyresö Bibliotek
1995     Galleri Grå, Stockholm
1996     Galleri Grythyttan, Grythyttan
1996     Ekebyhovsslott, Stockholm
1994     Tyresö bibliotek, Stockholm
1997     Uppsala Konstmuseum, Uppsala

1996    Ekebyhovsslott, Stockholm
1994     Tyresö bibliotek, Stockholm
Uppsala Konstmuseum, Uppsala
     Galleri Oden, Stockholm
1999     Kiskon Makasiini
2000     Korpo
2001     Stentorp, Pargas
2006     Skärgårdscentrum Korpoström
2006     Gamla kommunalstugan, Pargas
2007     Samlingsutställning Kvinna
2007     Westers Kimito
2007     Galleri Campus, Åbo
2009     Galleri Nestor, Korpo
2011     AiA, Skärgårdscentrum Korpoström
2011     Contemporary Art Archipelago
2012     Barefoot Path, environmental Art, Korpo
2013     Barfefoot Path, environmental Art, Korpo
2021     Barfefoot Path, environmental Art, Korpo
2021     Gallery Nestor, Korpo
2023    Artist Talk Anna Nyreen & Pia Rousku

Stipendit / Stipendier

1986     Svenska Österbottens Kulturfond, Finland
1991     Estrid Eriksson, Sverige
1995     Anna-Lisa Thompsons Stiftelse, Sverige
2000     Svenska Kulturfonden, Finland
2006     Svenska Kulturfonden, Finland
2007     Svenska Kulturfonden, Finland
2008     Svenska Kulturfonden, Finland
2012     Varsinais-suomen kulttuurirahasto, Paljasjalkapolku työryhmä
2012     Svenska Kulturfonden, Finland
2012     Suomen kulttuurirahaston, Varsinais-Suomen kulttuurirahasto
2012     Konstsamfundet
2012     Martha och Albin Löfgrens kulturfond
2012     Pargas stad projektunderstöd till Barfotastigen
2012     Artist in Residence verksamhet Svenska Kulturfonden
2013     Pargas stad projektunderstöd till Barfotastigen
2013     Martha och Albin Löfgrens kulturfond
2013     Artist in Residence verksamhet Svenska Kulturfonden
2013     Konstsamfundet
2013     Svenska kulturfonden
2012-2018   Artist in residens verksamhet  Svenska Kulturfonden
2020     Stipendium  Svenska Kulturfonden
2023     Svenska Kulturfonden


In this page you can find the collections or paintings I have for sale right now. Take your time to submerge yourself in them, take your time to let them touch your soul, and if you love one of them, you can purchase it straight from the webpage. But if you need to speak with me, here you can find my contact information.




Österretaisvägen 53
21710 Korpo
+358 400917765

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